Our Trucks

Truck Stop SF aims to select and host the freshest and tastiest in the street food culture! Each weekday, our alley will host a rotation of popular SF food truck serving you with a variety of flavors and cuisines both sweet and savory.

  • Seoulful Korean Fried Chicken

  • Subs on Hubs

    Specializing in cooked to order New York style Gourmet Subs and Gyros!
  • Seoulful Fried Chicken

  • Slider Shack

    It's not your typical slider -- Slider Shack presents an experience that is a play of textures and flavors, with expertly prepared meats and complex, homemade sauces. Born from backyard barbeques, and elevated to the next level! Remember. . .The Fun's Between the Buns!
  • MoBowL

    MoBowl came to life because we believe that eating a great meal on the streets didn't mean you had to sacrifice quality and convenience for price. They do it all over the world and we aim to do the same here in the Bay Area! Think of us as a moving restaurant that serves freshly made wholesome food in a bowl. Meals in a Bowl, on the Go: MoBowl.
  • Whisk on Wheels

    Utilizing the highest quality ingredients available, each and every time, Whisk aims to create a one of a kind experience that will keep you coming back for more. We emphasize using local & organic foods made fresh the way food is supposed to.
  • Cluck It Up

  • Garden Creamery

    Our frozen desserts are hand-crafted in small batches right here in Northern California with the best local ingredients available. Our sorbets are 100% vegan and sweetened with raw agave (no refined sugars) and our frozen novelties sold from the truck are made with local dairy and farmers market produce whenever possible. With wildly creamy textures, exotic flavor combinations, and refreshingly wholesome ingredients, Garden Creamery's frozen treats are a true Northern California delight.
  • Phat Thai

    Phat Thai is the brainchild of brothers Bobby and Alom Hossain, who were spoiled by their mom’s delicious cooking. A private chef by day, Wannee Hossain has brought the true flavors of Thailand to friends and family for over 30 years. Armed with a background in hospitality and having once owned their own Thai restaurant, the Hossain family is fully equipped to rock the food truck world! Wanna tuk with us? Yes, you do!
  • Sunrise Deli Truck

    Sunrise Deli, who has been bringing some the most delicious and best Middle Eastern cuisine to Bay Area since 1984 is now mobile! Our food truck will offer the same fresh taste -- The "Best Falafel in Town" is now on wheels!
  • Old World Food Truck

    The Old World Food Truck looks for any opportunity to clear the fog with a little East European and Jewish soul. From pierogies to kreplach, borscht to goulash, choppped liver, blintzes and schnitzels, try some of the Old World made from local and organic ingredients.
  • We Sushi

    We Sushi is the first mobile sushi truck serving the Bay Area with fresh sushi and rolls at its doorstep. Our sushi chef has extensive experience in the Japanese Cuisine/Sushi industry, and worked in fine-dining restaurants such as Ozumo and Yoshi in San Francisco. Our team shops for fish every morning from fish markets in South San Francisco and serves our customers in the peninsula and south bay area! Come and enjoy a large variety of made-to-order sushi and Japanese Cuisine just footsteps away, and you will fall in love with the quality sushi found only when you are sitting in a sushi bar! We Sushi also offers sushi platters for meetings or parties, delivered right to your meeting room.
  • Sanguchon

    Sanguchon is a mobile Peruvian sandwich truck located in San Francisco. Founded by Chef Carlos Altamirano, the owner of Mochica, Piqueo's and La Costanera, Sanguchon will serve up hearty sandwiches stuffed with classic and contemporary Peruvian fillings, traditional sides and housemade refrescos -- freshly-blended fruit drinks in flavors such as passionfruit, and purple corn.
  • KoJa Kitchen

    Gourmet Food Truck offering Korean and Japanese fast casual cuisine
  • YUMsilog

    Silog is a suffix referring to the fried rice (sinangag) and the eggs (itlog), and the dishes are named accordingly: tapsilog (tapa, the original silog) tosilog (tocino), longsilog (longanisa), SPAMsilog – (SPAM!), and bangsilog, which features bangus, the Filipino milkfish.
  • Street Dogs

    We use only Vienna Beef Products because… Vienna All Beef Franks, sausages, and chili are made from the original family recipe dating back to 1893. The meat used for Vienna Beef Products is 100% domestic beef with no fillers, artificial colors or flavorings. The special blend of seasonings and hickory smoking give them the unique Vienna Beef flavor that we all love. The sausages are so fresh, they snap when you bite into them. Vienna Chicken Sausages are perfect for the health conscious. Not only are they delicious, they are low in fat and contain no trans or saturated fats. The great flavor combinations along with the authentic Vienna beef snap make these sausages truly unique. Vienna Soups are made from all natural dairy products without artificial thickeners or bases. They are slow simmered, using fresh ingredients and spices which make them rich and full of flavor. Comfort food at its best.
  • Cookie Time

    CookieTime is a cookie truck. We use primarily organic, mostly local ingredients to deliver the most deliciously nutritious goodies! CookieTime also firmly believes in zero waste, which is why all of our serving dishes & utensils are compostable. In our daily operations, we utilize reusable cookie sheet liners, glass storage containers, and compostable garbage bags. Also, even though the city allows food trucks to use generators to demonstrate self-sufficiency, we choose to use plug-in power in order to minimize environmental impact. CookieTime is the ONLY truck in San Francisco approved to contain a convection oven, which makes it a true pioneer!
  • Cheese Gone Wild

    Gourmet mobile food truck specializing in delicious grilled cheese melts, Phillies, fresh salads, hot soup & yummy desserts. Serving San Mateo & San Francisco counties at private events at your home or business. We also do catering. Visit our web page: CheeseGoneWild.com
  • Taqueria Angelica's

  • Let's Be Frank Dogs

    Dogs gone good! What does that mean to us? Delicious hot dogs and sausages that delight our fans. Animals raised on pasture, living the lives they were meant to. Working with local producers and artisans. Food free from hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, and nitrites. Everyone involved in its production, from field to frank, treated fairly. A serious commitment to having fun.
  • The Dosa Republic

    Come visit Curry Up Now's newest food concept! Specialties include Dosas served with eclectic fillings like Pork Belly, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Sri Lankan Chicken Curry, Indian Chinese Noodles with a trio of chutneys, Samosa Bits, Uttappam Tacos and much more! Traditionalists, no sweat. We've got you covered with Idli Sambar, Vada Sambar, The Classic Masala Dosa, Mysore Masala, Chennai Onion Masala & Rava Dosa. We also feature Utappam, Chana Bhatura, Poori Aloo, Chaats, Egg Hoppers and Biryani on a rotating basis. Come try our approach to South Indian food. We think you'll like it.
  • Mama Cass

  • Espresso Subito

    We provide a mobile cafe bar top grade fair trade certified beans, certified baristas and a great atmosphere. In short we provide the bar, the beans ,the baristas and the atmosphere! We bring our cafe to you for your convenience
  • Naked Chorizo

    Naked Chorizo got it's name from translating chorizong hubad literally. Chorizong hubad was a Spanish chorizo brought by the Spaniards to the Philippines, over time it developed into a unique Filipino dish, blending the best of the islands with the best of Spain. This is the food we deliver to you!
  • Mayo & Mustard

    We are a new gourmet food truck offering delicious hot deli-style sandwiches to the Bay Area. Our mission is to spread the “Mayo & Mustard sandwich experience” and captivate the appetites of those who love sandwiches. We put our love into every sandwich we make.
  • Little Green Cyclo

    Littlegreencyclo brings fresh, delicious, Vietnamese street food to the Bay Area. Our founders - Chef Quynh Nguyen, Monica Wong and Susie Pham - can be found serving up a menu that showcases all the great flavors of Vietnam. From baguettes topped with homemade organic pate & packed with lemongrass grilled pork to coconut rice box with tamarind organic tofu and organic baby bok choy. We offer a variety of affordable choices for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans.
  • Sanguchon

    We are a mobile Peruvian food truck in San Francisco, serving hearty sandwiches stuffed with classic and contemporary Peruvian ingredients, traditional sides and housemade “refrescos” — freshly-blended fruit drinks in flavors such as passionfruit, and purple corn. Sanguchon combines the experience of two worlds: one of eating satisfying ‘Street Food’ and the other of enjoying high-quality ingredients and professional service that you find only at a fine restaurant. We bring them both to your front door!
  • Vesta Flatbread

    Two gals, a guy, a grill, and some mighty tasty sandwiches on homemade flatbread. Our goal is to evoke the big flavors of street food while using fresh, organic, thoughtfully-sourced ingredients. Gathering our culinary inspiration by drawing a circle on the map around the Mediterranean sea, we took our name from the Roman goddess of the hearth to invoke not only the region, but the magical spirit that for thousands of years has united the elements of flour, water, salt and fire.
  • LIBA Falafel

    LET YOUR FALAFEL AFFAIR BEGIN... an unconventional falafel bar, delivering to the masses via the cutest truck on earth
  • Doc's of the Bay

    Serving comfort food on a bun
  • Seoul on Wheels

    Seoul on Wheels cooks up the tastiest Korean food this side of the Pecos! Served up by the famous BBQ Princess of Yoon, from the Province of Yummi.
  • Bacon Bacon

    The bacon food truck for San Francisco.
  • Senor Sisig

    Señor Sisig is a Filipino Fusion Food Truck located in the San Francisco Bay Area. This restaurant on wheels takes a traditional Filipino dish called Sisig and fuses it with the flavors of Mexican American cuisine. “Our goal is to be creative as possible with our menu and bring Filipino Food to the masses. Filipino Food has been long over looked as one of the premiere Asian cuisines and we want to provide a door for those who have not yet had the chance to experience the delicious flavors of the Philippines, while at the same time providing something new for those who already love Filipino food like we do.”
  • Tandoori Chicken Mobile

    Serving our signature Tandoori Chicken Sandwich's and other old and new Indian goodies!
  • Hapa SF

    Hapa SF is the new venture from Chef William Pilz. Hapa SF is modern organic casual Filipino cuisine blended with California sensibilities in the least likely of settings: a taco truck. Hapa SF uses the finest seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers’ markets to create familiar Filipino American dishes such as lumpia and adobo at a value-conscious price. Our focus is to tantalize your taste buds with our innovative take on classic Filipino cuisine.
  • An the Go

    The An Family first started serving Garlic Noodles 41 years ago, when we opened our first restaurant, Thanh Long, in 1971. Because the noodles have been such a big hit, we've decided to take the secret kitchen dish to the streets with the An the Go Food truck. Be sure to "like" the page to get updates on specials and spots we hit throughout the Bay Area.
  • Hiyaaa Roll

    Mobile food truck serving hot fusion sandwiches made with fresh ingredients. We pay homage to Bánh mì, Vietnamese sandwich, as we pulled our inspiration from it. Our fusion flavors are bold and balanced.
  • Curry Up Now

    Indian Street Food on a Mobile Truck and a Brick & Mortar location inspired from street foods in India and Indian foods popular in other parts of the world.
  • Brass Knuckle

    Brass * Knuckle is a street food truck that places "heavy" riff on innovation. Explosively simple flavors that will be sure to "rock" your world. Each item has been carefully crafted to rattle and grip your taste buds. We feature a stylish street fare that is unapologetically yum.
  • Kung Fu Tacos

    Asian Inspired Tacos: East meets South...of the border
  • The Puff Truck

    Pacific Puffs offers premium, home-baked style cream puffs using only the finest fresh local ingredients. Our handcrafted puffs have been perfected over decades as an old family recipe and are baked daily using our signature small batch baking method to ensure the highest quality.
  • Kasa Indian Eatery

    Kati Rolls - Thalis: Honoring simple, homestyle Indian food at reasonable prices using natural and local ingredients
  • Ebbett's Good To Go

    We always have our addictive Cuban sandwich and a Vegan offering that puts other veggie sandwiches to shame. Check out our status updates for weekly specials and whereabouts. Admit it. You need a sandwich.
  • The Rib Whip

    The Rib Whip is the FIRST EVER BBQ truck with a smoker installed on-board! We'll be serving amazing mid-western style BBQ grub to satisfy all your lunch-time and late-night desires
  • Kara's Cupcakes

    Kara's Cupcakes lovingly creates each batch of cupcakes by hand every day, using only the finest ingredients. All of our ingredients are sourced from local producers, and whenever possible they are organic and sustainable.
  • The Chairman

    The Chairman offers traditional and flavorful Chinese steamed and baked buns that use the freshest ingredients - savory and addictive.
  • Mama's Empanadas-SF

    Mobile Food Truck serving oven baked gourmet empanadas made with fresh, unique & healthy ingredients with a Mediterranean flair, as well as salads and Italian dishes.